Ohio based worship leaders and Christian recording artist, Zac & Emily Howard, are known nationally as singers and notable songwriters, with songs such as I Will Follow & Lifeline. The vision he has is not little by any means, but Zac’s words summarized it all when he said, “I will never limit God, because with Him all things are possible.” Zac & his beautiful wife Emily have three girls Kayleigh, Kiley & Kenzley. “They are the joy of my life with out them I couldn’t do what I do”.

Zac and Emily lead together and work as a unit to help build God’s kingdom. They travel nationally and internationally to other churches, conferences, and organizations and teach workshops. Zac has seen many chains break loose from this ministry and has been honored with the band members that God has placed in his life for this ministry. “God has blessed me with so much and am very grateful for it,” says Zac.

Zac and Emily has performed and shared the stage with international artist such as Ricardo Sanchez, Gateway Worship, Desperation Band, Jamie Grace, Lee University Choir, House of Heroes, Sanctus Real, Dayone Music and more.

Zac and Emily has partnered & shared the stage with speakers such as Dr. Perry Stone, Reggie Dabbs, Preston Centuolo, Bishop Tom Madden, Josh Carter, JC Worley, Bishop Sean O’Neal and more.

Zac & Emily Howard recently wrote and recorded their new single “I Will Follow” with Jake Rye (Bass Guitar at Sanctus Real & Owner/Operator at Social Recording). Which will be featured in the new Christian movie “I’m Not Ashamed” by Pureflix. Now they are writing for their upcoming EP project they will record this fall produced by Jake Rye. Zac & Emily Howard recently joined Pastor Matt Coutcher at Woodlawn Church in Canton, OH as the Worship Pastors, but will still continue to travel nationally and internationally. Always remember this “The man saying it can’t be done, shouldn’t interrupt the man already doing it”.

Success Story

Who We Are

We are Zac and Emily Howard Worship. We exist to reflect the heart of God and His love for the poor, the lost, and the forgotten.

We are not defined by the petty price tag mentalities of society. Our inheritance lies beyond eternity.

There are no limits when it comes to our destiny. As the deep goes deeper we find our name.

What We Do

Singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalist Zac and Emily Howard travel to churches, organizations, and conferences leading worship around the world. They teach worship workshops, mentor, and train. There heart is to empower the church to help create a culture that reflects the love of Jesus. Zac has said many times "There is a difference between a thermostat and a thermometer. One sets the temperature (Atmosphere) and the other just reads the temperature (Atmosphere). We desire to set the temperature (Atmosphere) not just read it".

How We Live

We live to bring glory to God by making disciples through worship, community, and multiplication. Out of this, worship is the fuel for discipleship, the people you experience Christ with. One of the ways we live out and pursue this discipleship trait is through music.